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CEI 006 | The Persuaders, Needyounear's Disease

CEI 006
Catalogue Information
Catalogue No CEI 006
Artist The Persuaders
Title Needyounear's Disease
Format Single, 7"
Released 1987-10
Tracklist A Needyounear's Disease  
B Feet
Recorded At S&M Studios, Norrköping, Sweden
Mixed -
Produced By The Persuaders
Published -
Matrix A CEI-006-A, 17/6-87 GP
B CEI-006-B, 17/6-87 GP
Additional Notes
Limited edition of 200 copies with original cover as indicated above.
Cover, front, original
Cover, back, original
Label, A-side
Label, B-side
Norrköpings Tidningar, 10 October 1987
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