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Suredo was formed in Linköping in 1990. The band performed at the annual Ceilidh party the 28th of December 1990, but had to wait until 1992 before the »Swell EP« was released.
Shortly after the release of »Whatahandsomeface?« the band splitted. After this Mikael Myrnerts started a new project called Aloon. The remaining three members were joined by Per Byström of Cloudberry Jam for the new project Coach Bob.
Anders Arfvidsson Guitar, Vocals
Anders Mobjörk Bass, Vocals
Mikael Myrnerts Guitar, Vocals
Ulf Stenport Drums, Vocals
Swell EP CDM, 5" Ceilidh CEI 029 1992-10
Whatahandsomeface? CD, 5" Ceilidh CEI 035 1993-10
Wewerenotespeciallyyoung... CD-R, 5" Commercial Suicide CSR007 2003
Whatahandsomeface? CD-R, 5" Commercial Suicide CSR010 2003
»Sonic Atmosphere« on the compilation »Singles & Vinyls«, CD, 5", Ceilidh Productions, CEI 039, 1997-04
»Stronger« on the compilation »This Is Commercial Suicide«, CD-R, 5", Commercial Suicide Records, CSR009, 2003
Suredo at Commercial Suicide Records
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